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This is a NEW page.  It will be built slowly as we go thru this
year's unit study (ANWOA) and build on our notebook on
Native Americans.   We will be starting at the time of
Jamestown and adding on as we go thru history.

(not tribe or region specific) Native Americans in Olden Times for kids
ThinkQuest for Kids- Native Americans
Native Americans-
Nice interactive site for elementary age kids
put together by a school district to explore Native American history.  The site is divided up by U.S. Region/Cultures.
Info... and short fun interactive "quizzes"
This is a great interactive site!
Choose your conection speed and start exploring.
Check out the Indian village.  Watch a video clip,
and then try out the interactive engraving replica:
a clickable 'map' of a woodland village. 
Extra bonus for those reluctant readers... there
is audio for this part that details the use for
each section of the village (pallisade, family houses, etc.)
This site explores the history leading up to
and thru this raid of the 5 separate cultures involved
in this historic event.  Includes a video & interactives.
Native Americans, pre-contact.  Lots of info.
from who they were to how they lived.
Powhatan Indian Tribe History
Kids Fact Sheets.  Q & A on things like clothing,
housing, culture, and more.
Some more links on tribes, including the Powhatan,
and their link with Jamestown.

Iroquois Nation
NEW LINK Haudenosaunee Children's Page-Printable Paper Dolls (one male, one female)
NEW LINK Iroquois Nation in Olden Times  
 NEW LINK New York State Museum-
see some of their exhibit online
NEW LINK Daily life in Olden Times: Ojibwa/Chippewa

(click "print preview" in your browser. 
Then "landscape" when the preview opens up before you print
and it will fill a page nicely)
DLTK- Native American Color pages(8) Online interactive color pages.
Project Ideas:
(Crafts, Recipes, etc.)
ThinkQuest- Native American Crafts
New York State Museum- Build a Mohawk Iroquois Longhouse Crafts, Recipes, & Games Cornhusk dolls
EnchantedLearning- various crafts
Native Tech- Recipes- frybread, 3 Sisters soup and more