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Not JUST modern history links..
 but also links that have histories from start to finish.

*This page is a work in progress.. so please be patient.

General Modern History
(covering more than one country)
NEW LINK Eyewitness to History- History through the eyes of those who lived it.  Here you'll find photographes, film, & audio in addtition to text.  Organized by time period and by media.
Bite Size Revisions by BBC Schools (ages 11-16)
Includes Britain & WWI, US, India, Ireland,
Russia/USSR, Germany, & International Relations.
NEW LINK Internet Modern History Sourcebook- Thousands of history sources sorted chronilogically and geographically. Also on this site is a list of "History in the Movies" for those who would like to suppliment their studies with media. (I would reccomend this for older students.. or for homeschool parents as they plan the course of study for their students).
History pages: photos, articles, news, video, & more.

United States
also see Early American History

U.S. Presidents

Plimoth / Plymouth

Colonial/Revolutionary United States

states, music, play, people, .. or jump back in time to any
date you wish.  Fun & Interesting.
Wallbuilders Library- find black history, historic documents,
and historic writings.
NEW LINK Smithsonian-  interactive online activity.
Who am I? People in history.


Discovering China with ABC’s

Discover China

Recipe of the week, virtual tour of China, Art of China Today, Chinese poetry and music, and more.

This one looks pretty extensive.  I haven't dug into it personally.. but it may prove valuable for those of you with older students.

More Civilizations to come.
*also see our EXPLORERS page.