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**Although I do not support evolution, many           
science sites include it.  Glean what you wish from
each but beware that my site has links that             
may support evolution or creationism.

General Science.

 NEW LINK   Science in the Kitchen:  Hands-on science lessons in printable pdf format.  Includes chapters on Biology, Chemistry, & Physics.
NEW LINK  MSNucleus- Free online science Curriculum!  One for K-8 another for 9-12.
NEW LINK The Franklin Institues- Their LEARNER's area
covers inventors (including Benjamin Franklin of course),
time, weather, earth science, and more.
NEW LINK  Owl & Mouse- Active learning science projects ranging from K-8th. Covers various branches of science (Earth, Anatomy, Botany, Astronomy, etc.)
Lots of info., Games & activities.

Newton's Apple (PBS) has Lesson Plans that
cover various scientific studies.  You can find the Index HERE.
FunBrain Science Games.

These next 4 sites are all technically different branches of the same site and can all be viewed as beginner, intermediate or advanced... in English or Spanish.....

(1) Astronomy & mythology can be found here.
Including a fun and games page, and a teachers

(2)  Geology- rocks, minerals, layers of the earth, plates, scientists, & fossils.  

(3) Fundamental Physics- a new branch to the site in its beginning stages.

(4)Life Science- cells, genetics, scientists and more.

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Life Sciences

ThinkQuest: Science Explorer - Biology

Kidnetic... InnerG... click and drag the organs into the body.

Online eye safety quiz.  Also includes links to coloring pages.

This site has online field guides you can access (although each
category isn't necessarily comprehensive, like insects)   

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Earth Science & Astronomy

Set it as your home page... and see something new everyday, or go down to the Archive and explore.
These are not just images, but short explanations as well.
Also at Nasa... Thursday's Classroom...
little lessons each thurday.  (free printables).
Notice there are archives as well.
... and again from Nasa StarChild has online info.
about space.

set to music in the form of a short movie.

Here is a neat little site that lets you put in any date of any year and it will tell you (or your student)
what phase the moon was in then. 
 Good for just playing around, or for grading assigned
moon phase observations.
Free Worksheets for grades Preschool-3. 
You'll need to register for free. 
Then click on "Theme Sheets"... then "space."
You'll find sheets of facts for each planet, the moon, sun, etc. .... and worksheets to practice what they've learned.
Also... Language and math sheets with a space theme.

For online reading about planets, & constellations and
a calendar for upcoming astrological events try

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A free e-mail newsletter once every 2 weeks
that introduces kids slowly and painlessly to Chemistry.
"...In each issue you will find facts about an element, the history of its discovery, information for the advanced learner and tips for sharing it with your kids..."
Rader's Chem4Kids has some good foundational stuff on it.
Nice beginning spot for kids that are just getting started in
chemistry (simple enough for late elementary students).

Newton's Apple (an old kids' PBS show) has online
lesson plans & activities... here are a couple:

Soap & Detergent Agency.
Fireworks: The Science Behid the Spectacle- Chemistry
The Science Explorer: Chemistry Page
This site includes links to a clickable table of elements,
experiments, unit converters, & a crossword.
Creative Chemistry Activities
(and more Chem. stuff if you click the other links, including
games and worksheets).

1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions, sorted by grade level
(grades 3-12)
Chemistry Activities & Games e-Newsletter.

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NEW LINK Resources for Science Learning: simple machines
The Science Explorer:  Physics
ThinkQuest: The Physics of Fireworks