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WELL worth the reading!!!

Resources for the Educator :
(legal, e-magazines, e-groups, curriculum reviews, etc.) 
Home School Legal Defense Association - A must for every homeschool family.  H.S.L.D.A. is a group that defends the right to homeschool. Membership can be purchased for a reasonable fee.


How Stuff works - Homeschooling

Curriculum reviews by homeschoolers

Christian homeschool organization.  They put out
a free magazine (4x a yr) and host the
largest homeschool convention in the state.


IHEN ** Home Education in Indiana- Getting started, finding support, staying connected Homeschool information for Christians:
 articles, FAQ's, unit studies, links, etc.

Homeschool World- You can find Practical Homeschooling here.

For those who like to make sure they are not falling behind their state's
standards, here is a site with links to all the states academic standards.
Search by state or subject.

Curriculum Venders
One of the FAQ I hear again & again from beginning
homeschoolers is, "Where do I get books?" 
There are so many sources, that I couldn't possibly
list them all.. but this should get you started. 
One of the most comprehensive and affordable sources is
You can browse online or request a catalog and browse
at home first  (be prepared!.. this catalog is HUGE,
not colorful and exciting .. but HUGE). 
They have most of the popular curriculums
plus lots of suppliments.
Personally, I really like Rod & Staff's math..
and some of their other stuff.  They have all the elementary grades of texts and are
beginning to work on high school level texts.
They are more affordable than some of the more popular texts..
but I find them at least as good of an education for my
kids if not better. They do NOT have their own website though.. so you can go to the UNOFFICIAL SITE,
or call for a catalog (606) 522-4348
or, you can even request their free samples for each
grade level you are interested in.
And here is another site that sells their
isn't only for music and inspirational
books, they also have a homeschooling section.
CBD carries many of the most popular curriculums
(Saxon, BJU, Handwriting w/o Tears, Spelling Power,
SOS, LifePacs, Apologia, and more)
Many people like Saxon Math
so I better include them as well.  :^)
Teaching Textbooks is a computer based (though it
also comes with a text) math series.
You won't find a complete curriculum at Hands & Hearts,
but they have some nice add-ins!  
My kids and I  really liked their History Kits!
Natures Workshop Plus! has some of those not so easy
to find science things
(experiment kits, microscopes, lab equipment,...)
along with books and a magazine.
Learning adventures is a company that sells unit studies
that coverhistory in a chronilogical order
(which is how we do it in our home).
You can find The Noah Plan Here, a learning system that is based on this Christian heritage, the bible, and the original Noah Webster dictionary; A classical education program referred to as the principal approach. Some living books and study guides are also available on this sit.
Used Curriculum Resources
HSLDA's Curriculum Marketplace-  "This site is for the sale of curriculum and materials specifically related to homeschooling. HSLDA created this site in response to our members’ concerns about the policy of other auction sites that do not allow the sale of teacher or instructor materials ..."
(down side is its for HSLDA members ONLY)
Ebay- One of Ebay's categories is
"Books, Textbooks/Education"
Down side here is they have a no teacher's editions policy
so as not to aid kids trying to cheat. 
Good intentions, but a problem for Homeschool Parents.
Vegsource- Never used this myself, but
its a source for used curriculum that I've seen
recommended on many a home educators e-list.

Various Other Resources:
(mostly free online resources)
Here is a site that has links to where you can find LOTS
of free lesson plans (K-12).  It is actually a site aimed
at gifted students and there educators.. but there is
something here for most educator/student.

Garden of Praise has LOTS of free resources! 
... free bible based spelling, biographies for kids,
Spanish worksheets, Literature based lessons and
printable worksheets for those lessons, bible lessons, and more!

God's World News- Get current events newsletters here for your students. These newsletters are divided into different age/grade levels and are written from a Christian prospective.

Kath's Korner- Homeschooling Everything! Learning styles,
homeschooling styles, unit study plans, etc.

Survive Alive- Fire safety online. Also schedule tours at Indy's Survive Alive House.

Internet Public Library- search by author, by title, by Dewey Decimal system, or search by key words.
Includes Kids and Teens sections as well as Adult.