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Color Pages & Printable Worksheets

Pictures, short bios, & fast facts for each president. 
Presidential Word Search (just one of many that are online)
Teach-nology- Worsheets, lesson plans, resource sheets, Vocab,
quizzes, Venn diagrams and more on Presidents.
(55 links w/i their own site!)
Presidents' Day Coloring
                                    Pages (only Lincoln and Washington on THIS PAGE) Games, Stationary & coloring pages
Scholastic: Presidential Symbols: printable 
Tommy for President- a printable early reader in pdf format Name the president Worksheet

Online Games & Quizzes

 Education 4 Kids: Presidencial Drill
Trivia Games: 10 Questions
& U.S. Presidents Hangman Page (names & quotes)
Quia- Guess the Presidents Name Name that President Game (10 Questions)
Fun Brain: Who is That?
(select Presidents or famous scientists and mathematicians)

Audio & Video Clips

(Real Audio & MP3 samples)
Grolier- The American Presidency
Video clips dating back to 1901 from campaigning
to speeches, to performing his duties,
to the historical significant.
Debating Our Destiny (PBS)- Video Clips and Text of interviews all concerning debates.
Animaniacs- "Presidents Song" lyrics
(We chose to alter the lyrics a bit to
make them a bit more G-rated)
MP3 of the Animaniac's President Song
can be found by clicking "MP3."
(scroll to the bottom of the page that 
opens to find it). 

Biographies & Presidency...Plus Presidential Biographies
United States? (by a 5th grade class)
Not just about presidents.. but also the job.

Inaugurations & Elections Inaugural Addresses of U.S. Presidents
Smithsonian- Photographic Histories of Inaugurations

Lesson Plans & Units

(grade levels 2-5, & 6-12)
First Grade Presidents Project (focuses on 5 presidents)

First Ladies

World Almanac for Kids: First Ladies

**And a good print resource for grades 4-8:
Scholastic's U.S. Presidents and Their Times.
(which can be found on Amazon, through Children's Book of the Month Club, and many other places)
Scholastic also has a teachers lesson plan
page to accompany the book.