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(including the Civil & Revolutionary Wars... Pioneer and Colonial periods)

NEW LINK Virtual paperdolls... dress a colonial doll online at PBS's Colonial House
Great Interactive site!  Learn about woodland Indians,
the voyage to Colonial Maryland, & its early colonies.

America's story from America's Library.  (Congressonal Library)

NEW LINK Eyewitness to History- History through the eyes of those who lived it.  Here you'll find photographes in addtition to text.  Organized by time period and by media... with special sections for the Civil War and Old West.

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NEW LINK  National Geographic- Jamestown from an archeological perspective
Interactive game, interactive map, teacher resources & more.
(includes coloring pages of animals from that region).
Don't know how long this will be online.. but this is a
free printable model of the Jamestown Colony.
(like the Canon Papercrafts)
NEW LINK National Geographic News- "Jamestown Graves Shed
Light on Early U.S. Settlers."
NEW LINK Virtual Jamestown- Good source for Primary Source
documentation!.. & more.
NEW LINK  Historic Jamestown: The Dig- the site for the
archeological dig on Jamestown.
NEW LINK  KewlBox Games- Jamestown.  Uncover a map of Jamestown
to discover artifacts... or Hazards like the ones the colonists came up against.
This site is selling a mini-unit study..HOWEVER
you can also find links to an online game, color pages,
 a Powhatan dictionary, biographies & more from this site.
Jamestown, VA @ 400 Years, 1607-2007  First Successful English Colony in North America
Comprehensive list of links on all aspects:
Powhatan Indians, Industry, agriculture, chronology,
weather, women, slavery/indentured servitude, & more.

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George Washington
 George Washington papers at the library of Congress.
Was George Washington a Christian?
Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.
Washington's "Earnest Prayer," as written in a "Circular addressed to the Governor's of all the States on the Disbanding of the Army."
Washington's Home

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From 1776 through the Civil War
Founding the Colonies:
American Colonists Library:
John Smith's letter to Queen Anne Regarding Pocahontas.
Build a virtual sod house. Answer questions about
how you would choose to do it & then the program
will explain to your child why that is or isn't the
best case senario.  As each question is finished
you see the virtual progress of your "new home." 
NEW LINK Smithsonian for Educators- Tracking the Buffalo
Includes a online activity where kids can match what
can be made with different parts of the American Bison.
Laura Ingalls Wilder:
The Federalist Link Bank
Links listed as follows: Archives, Constitution, Declaration, Documetns, Federalists, Founders, Jefferson, Washington, Misc, & Publications.

More to come!
Also see our EXPLORERS page.