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NEW LINK English Grammar 101: Here is a online grammar course that is FREE to homeschoolers (recommended for Grades 6 and up).

NEW LINK Daily Grammar- Lessons that you can have emailed to you daily.  There is also a lesson archive or the option to purchase an ebook or workbook.

NEW LINK Worldwide Public Library- Main Index of various works of
literature.. search by title, subject, or author.

NEW LINK Glencoe Literature Library Study Guides- This site has an alphbetized list of free study guides to accompany books (they do sell the books) there are some printable student activities.

NEW LINK Grade Saver: online literature study guides,  writing helps, & samples of application essays (for colleges and scholarships and such)... all for FREE.

GamesZone, UK Vocab., Spelling, & Grammar

Free Online 2nd Grade Bible Based Spelling Curriculum.
Free spelling course labelled as 7-9th grades.

Internet4Classrooms- This is the index page.  You'll see
that things are organized by grade first, and then
subject.  Just select accordingly!

Quia- 4th-5th grade English

Free Printable Language Worksheets ..look under "what's free"
Then look for Language arts.. and then the L.A. category of your choice.

Teachnology- Free printable worksheets & things

Georgia Southern University Writing Center: Online writing resources-

Grammar: Parts of Speech- lists of links at eMINTS: eThemes

Reading Evaluation
If your like most parents, one of your number
one concerns about your child's education
is his/her ability to read.  So, I've also
gathered some links to free online information
about reading levels and free online
reading level evaluations.

Here is a free (to individuals) online test that has a VERY
thurough evaluation.  Your child's results come back
with not only a reading level, and a Below or Above
average label, but specifics on what phonics and
spelling areas your child needs to work on.

This site is directed toward homeschoolers and not only
explains 2 different types of reading comprehension level tests... but also includes a quickie version of each.

Child Development Institute:  Reading Ability Screening Test
(I have not actually used this test with any of my kids
so I can not give any details on this one.)

*Handwriting resources, & other language arts worksheets can also be found under printable worksheets.