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Foundation Christian Academy

Medieval & Renaissance (400-1850 AD)

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General Medieval History

"What was it really like to live in the middle ages?" - Find answers to that question regardign feudal life, religion, homes, clothing, health, arts & entertainment,
and town life....

What Came First?-  BBC History Game ...send the
things that don't belong in each time period or
area down the "time tunnel," and then guess
where they came from.
NEW LINKS National Geographic- PIRATES .. "a high seas adventure"

Medieval India

Manas- History, Politics & the Mughal Empire
Medieval Architecture of India- the Hoysalas of Karnataka
RBI Monetary Museum- Medieval Indian coinage
Both photos of coins, and the history.
Nupam's webpage Indian Coins- includes both Ancient & Medieval coinage


The Legend of Mulan- The stories of Fu Mulan
(5th-6th century AD)
Mulan, the Chinese Warrior Woman- by Elisabetta LeJeune .. the Disney Movie was based on a popular old Chinese ballad.
ChinaVista- a visit to Mulan's Home town.


Coloring pages of Knights, queens, kings, and a jester.

Castles of Britain- castle of the month,
Castle learning center and more.  Some really nice photos as well.
NEW LINK  Owl & Mouse Educational Software- FREE software,
or build and print a medieval castle from your browser.
Also see their program from Shields, Knights, & Heraldry.

Arthurian Legend v/s History

Click below for information on both the historical Arthur and the Arthur in Literature...


The Anglo-Saxons (400-1066AD) (ages 4-11)

Viking Invasion of England from BBC-School

(ages7-9) 793-1468 AD

Mary Queen of Scots from BBC-School  1542-1587AD (Ages 14+)


V is for Viking... a coloring and
a primary manuscript writing page.

 A viking ship coloring page to print.

BBC- Printable Viking Worksheets
NEW LINK Smithsonian Kids-
You can learn how to play the Viking game Hnefatafl
 or explore
 Vikings: The North Atlantic. ..either looking at
their exhibit online or participating in a virtual adventure.

Activities, timeline, Viking life & beliefs.

a Viking house. (flash)

Video clips of a scale model of a Viking village.

PBS/NOVA- Learn about "Runes" (Viking
alphabet) and see how your name
would be written in Runes.

Viking Artifacts at the British Museum.

neatly divided into categories and subcategories and is
 rather extensive. Includes myths, weaponry, shipbuilding, daily life, language, music, art, & more.

Orkneyjar- Viking Orkney.. the history of the Viking
colonization of these islands off the Northern tip of Scotland.

maps, runes, information on their voyages
and homeland, teacher & parent guides. 
Click on "Viking Voyage" to learn online.

with the Vikings in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Includes a "youth" page with printables.

Norse Mythology:  explore under either
beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.
(in Spanish or English)

Inventors & Explorers

Leonardo Divinci, inventor, scientist, & artist

Explorers! - Read about them then do activity pages and self graded quizzes on the explorers. Also includes game ideas, a timeline, and a curriculum guide. Spanish Exploration and the
Conquest of Native America.. lots of info. & maps
The Mariner's Museum- Age of Exploration: an online curriculum that covers maritime exploration from the ancients through Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the
South Pacific.
Enchanted Learning- Zoom Explorers. A brief summary about several explorers.
Quia- Explorers of N. America...matching,
concentration, online flashcards, & word search.
The Study Sphere- Explorers & Discoverers listed alphabetically.
The Homeschool Mom- A list of another homeschooler's links about explorers.  Lots on Columbus!  Also pole exploration and Lewis & Clark.
Education World- Another site of Explorer links.
Kid's Online Resources- Explorers, Vikings & Conquistadors.
Latitude- How Latitude changed the world.
Find out about what it was like for Explorers before and
after Latitude.