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Creation - 400 A.D.

General Ancient History
(not exclusively one country, region, or culture)
NEW LINK Eyewitness to History- Ancient page.  History through the eyes of those who were there.
NEW LINK Kidipede- History for kids- not JUST ancient history. Divided geographically

Personalizing the Past- Here is a site that has cool resources for studying ancient history! It has kits of actual artifacts. Too steep for my budget but a pretty cool resource if you could afford it!

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations

Mythology - learn about the myths of any where on the globe. Just click on the map to go to each areas myths. Choose to investigate as a beginner, intermediate or
advanced. (sorry, but this program wouldn't except the address as a
valid web address, so you'll have to copy and paste this one.)
Reiser's Ancient Civilizations Tour - This is a European homeschooling family's website.  They decided that they would study Ancient History first hand, by going to Egypt and other lands that are prominent in Ancient History.  The site was incomplete the last time I visited, but what was complete I enjoyed.  Each family member gives their own viewpoint about there experiences.
Canon 3D Papercraft- print, cut, & create.  projects include costumes (e.g. a Roman Soldier) and structures (e.g. a pyramid or the Trojan horse).
The 4 Old World River Valley Civilizations Map: Egypt/Nile, Mesopotamia/Tigris & Euphrates, India/Indus & Ganges, and Shang China/Yellow River.
Ancient Art: includes Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia,
Persepolis/Ancient Iran, Greece, & South Arabia)
Ancient Dental History -
American Dental Association... short timeline
Education World... a small Unit study (grades 6-8)
ESL Teacher's Board... History of the Toothbrush


NEW LINK Dragonfly T.V.- Here's another hands-on mummification activity.  This one uses Baking Soda and a fish.
NEW LINK Cargill Salt- Make a Mummy with Salt!

Yahooligans- Ancient Egypt

Moses and Pharoah in History- A look at how it all plays out outside the bible and who may have been the Pharoah at that time. HTML version.... pdf version

 NEW LINK Emints- Ethemes- Egyptian Culture: This page has links of all kinds... from mummification to Egyptian hairstyles and LOTS more.

 NEW LINK Egyptian Mummification:  A lesson in how it was done, what all they mummified, PLUS how to mummify your own Cornish Game Hen.

 NEW LINK Color me Egypt: Tour Egypt for Kids- Activities & Games.
Here you'll find things like word searches, finger puppets, a coloring book and an area to make your own cartouche.

BBC-Schools-Ancient Greece (ages 9-12) Includes 2 timelines 800BC-100BC & 1000BC-Present
The Ancient Greek World- the virtual gallary.
Notice the links across the top: land & time,
daily life, religion and death, economy,
and extra topics.
Greek Mythology: the Labors of Hercules
in English or LATIN (might be nice to use if you
study Latin too!).  These are short little kid friendly versions.
MythWorld "Heroes"- Here is more of the same..
(I've only looked at and used the Hercules ones personally). Includes 6 more mythological individuals: Jason,
Hercules, Bellerophon, Theseus, Odysseus & Perseus. 


BBC-Schools-Romans 753BC-1453AD (ages 7-11)

History for Kids: Designed for Middle Grades: History, Environment, Culture, project ideas and more.

Roman Gladiatorial Games

Nova: Roman Bath

Brimm's Site: The Romans in Britain- Who were the Romans?

Mt. Vesuvius, Italy: lots of pictures.. Pompeii & Herculaneum

Secrets of the Dead: The Great Fire of Rome (PBS)
Colloseum, the Pantheon, Catacombs, Circus Maximus,
Pompeii & more.

The Christian Catacombs of Rome

Rome- Clickable Map of the Empire
Free Printable coloring pages- Ancient Rome


Daily Life in Ancient India

BBC Schools- Indus Valley interactive (flash)
.. grade school level
Kidipedia- History for kids- timeline, maps, daily life,
crafts & projects,...
Ancient Indus Civilization- archeology, artifacts, explorers, ancient cities,
.... Photographes to enhance your studies.
British Museum- ancient India geography and Indus Valley
Nupam- Ancient Indian coins
Indianchild- Learn about Indian.. but be careful to
weed your way past the ads. .. go down to the
info. on Kingdoms and Empires. Nothing flashy here, just text buried amongst ads.
Hindu Mythology- notice that at the top you can
select the level of difficulty/maturity.
WuTi- an important ruler from Ancient India

Indian Child - Ancient India

Maps - Ancient India

Black and White Map of Ancient India

Color India Maps by Date and Civilization.


History of China - TIMELINE

PBS & NOVA- Secrets of Lost Empires: China...
Bamboo the miracle material, bridge building, &
China's Age of Invention.
China and the compass
The development of mathematics in China.
Chinese Mythology- select the level of difficulty/maturity
at the top of the page.
Ancient Chinese Dynasties- Page 1 & Page 2
ChinaVista- selected Chinese Myths and fanatasies.
Relief map of China
PBS/NOVA- Mysteries Mummies of China
Map- Han dynasty

Confucius and Confucianism


Ancient Mesopotamia

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia- Link to a blank map too.

MesoWeb- history, cultures, map, , timeline,
and interactive features .. plus lots more,
(like lots of links).
NEW LINK features a timeline, map, conquest, & more.
Secrets of the Lost World
Pictures, maps, & links to articles.
or straight to the Photo Gallery.

Nova- Lost Tribes of Israel (Where are the 10 lost tribes?, Tudor Parfitt's Remarkable journey, Mystery of Great Zimbabwe, & Build a Family Tree)

Iron Age Celts
BBC-Schools- Ironage Celts (750BC-43AD)