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Links to sites that have printable worksheets.

General Studies
The BBC has some
but one in particular can cross the lines and cover multiple
subjects at once.  It is a writing starter type sheet
You student writes to someone in the past (history). 
(I can also see possibilities here for nearly any

School Express.. just click on the train car that says "free worksheets" and that will take you to a page that is broken down into subjects.

free worksheets (back-to-school, critical thinking, country worksheets, early childhood, graphics organizers,
holidays, language arts, math, misc., research skills,
science, Social Studies, winter olympics, &
time saving sheets)  Subscriptions also available.

Kid's Page Archive- Prek-5th: math, mythology, english,
geography, history, science, spelling, prek, & misc.

Puzzlemaker- create customized puzzle that fit your current studies.

Superkids- many subjects & age levels available

Georgia Southern: University Writing Center:

Kid's Page Archive - Free Printable Worksheets (preK-5th)

Bunnie Education Worksheets (Elementary Grades)

Math Links-
worksheets and explanations grades K-12
math fact generator (1st-4th grades)
Dositey- math (K-12) fractions

Handwriting -
practice just the letter by tracing or following
the arrows in manuscript or cursive,
or practice by writing bible verses.
(dot trace, dash trace, manuscript, denealian, or cursive)
Manuscript, Denealian, or Cursive letters
(They also have other themed worksheets.
Registration required, but free.)

*More worksheets can be found under "preschool."