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Faler Family 4H Scrapbook

Projects 2006

This year's projects will include poultry (ducks, chickens, & turkeys), entomology, veterenary science, legos, foods, rocketry, and electric.  We now have 2 official 4hers and one mini-4her.

Prefair has begun!
The open judging results are in for the boys.
Adam - Division 1 - BLUE/A
Christian - Division 1 -      CHAMPION 
                          RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION
                                  State Fair Entry
Adam - Division 3 - RESERVE CHAMPION
Christian - Division 2 - BLUE/A
Entomology.. yr 2... (Christian)- Reserve Grand Champion
Veterinary Science (Chrsitian)- BLUE
Wildlife (Adam)- Reserve Champion
Legos (Adam)- CHAMPION
Laura entered 2 mini 4h projects: foods & legos.
Adam's turkey was Reserve Champion.
Christian's was a BLUE.
Each of them had ducks that received BLUES.
They each had Chickens that did not excede BLUE.