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Faler Family 4H Scrapbook

Projects 2007

This year's fair is from July 7th to July 12th.  I have no pictures up yet... but I'll try and post results as I get them for now.

Prefair.. Saturday, June 30th-
Rocketry... Adam (Stage 1)-Blue, Chrish (Stage 2)- Reserve Champion, Laura (Stage 2)- Champion, & Caleb (MINI-Stage 1)- mini completion ribbon.
Model Craft... Adam (Div 2)- Blue, Caleb- MINI 4her Completion
Photography... Adam (Div 2)- Black & White Salon, Red... Experimental Salon, Champion.  Chrish (Div 1)- Poster, Red
Prefair Monday, July 2nd-
Electric.... Laura (Div 1)- Reserve Champion, Christian (Div 3)- Champion, Adam (Div 4) Champion.

Pulaski County prefair & fair 2007

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Closed judging projects...
Legos... Adam (Div B) Blue, Laura (Div A) Blue
Pet Pals... Adam (Div 2) Poster: GRAND CHAMPION
                   Adam: Showing Indian Ringnecked Parakeets: Div. Birds & turtles: Reserve Champion.
Entomology... Christian (Div 1) Reserve Grand Champion
Veterinary Science... Christian (Div 1): Reserve Champion
Wildlife... Adam (Div. 2): CHAMPION

Judging Competition-  The whole family ..minus Chrish..participated.  There were 4 divisions.. MINI (Under Grade 3) , Junior (Grades 3-7), Senior (Grades 8-12), and Adult.  Only one of us placed in our divisions.
Laura was Reserve Champion of the Junior Division.
Indiana State Fair- Unofficial Results...
Adam- Electric (lamp)... RED
          Wildlife (notebook)... BLUE
Christian- Electric (trouble light)....BLUE
              Entomology (poster)... RED
Laura- Aerospace (model)... BLUE

Animal Projects...
Rabbitry.. Laura (Div 1): One entry-Senior Doe Netherland Dwarf.
Not yet judged.
Adam- 18 wk Giant White Hen... Blue
Christain- 18 wk BB Bronze hen ... Red
               Exhibition Bantams....
Adam- Quail Antwerp Belgian Pullet & Cockerel... both Blue
Christian- Blue Silkie... Red
          Mille Fleur Belgium Bearded D'Uccle pullet & cockerel.. Blues
          Porcelain Belgium Bearded D'Uccle Pullet ... Blue
             Exhibition Standards...
Adam- Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullet...Blue
          Silver Phoenix Cockerel...Blue
          Silver Phoenix Pullet... Blue, HONOR, CHAMPION, GRAND CHAMPION EXHIBITION
Christian- Salmon Favorelle Pullet & Cockerel.. Blues

Poultry: div. 1: Christian: Reserve Champion
Poultry div. 2: Adam: Champion
Poultry Showman of Showman: ADAM!!!!!! Congrats!!
Ultimate Showman Competition:  Adam was the youngest contestant by far.  Most of the other competitors were either high school juniors or seniors.  It was such an honor for him to make it so far at his age!  This years Ultimate Showman was Raquel Messer.
*Note: for those who aren't familiar with these 4H and these titles... think of a champion as the MVP of your age level of ball player.  Think of Showman of showman as the MVP of a varsity team.  Think of participating in an Ultimate showman as being asked to play on an all-star team... and winning it like being the MVP of an all-star team.
Rabbitry:  Laura: div 1: Netherland Dwarf Senior Doe: all entries were "DQed" for being overweight.  All received WHITE ribbons.  The judge stated that Laura had the nicest of the three if they had not all been overweight.
Laura: Novice Showmanship: Reserve Grand Champion